Sunday, 15 November 2015

This post is like a trailer for the main thing

Note to the reader: pardon my spelling mistakes and other mistakes.
k now thats done so lets get going
so my best friend , Atharv sharma did something very original and out of the box sorta thing he made blog his vlog. now i know that vlog means video but i am a person who likes to make videos .
how i end up here u ask , well thats because videos take a hellofa time to make so i cant do dem daily ( cause i am a student )( dat to indian so yeah )  and i have to  practice the art of writting (videography requires that)
not drifting away from the topic i want to also make a blog(vlog) ,and this is hopefully going to be interesting
i will try mah best to upload daily and t will be worth your time
so yeah
more about me will be posted in my first blog(vlog....) tomm and hopefully i will squezze  the story of atharv and me .
oh yes
visit his blog site here
visit my youtube channel here
sorry for slangs hopefully i will write without it soon